Morro Bay Kite Festival Vendors

Would you like to become a vendor at the Morro Bay Kite Festival? CLICK HERE to download the information and form. 

Deadline to sign up is April 20, 2018.


      Festival Vendors:

  •       Farmer's Kites, Surreys and More

  •       The US Airforce

  •       Kettle Corn

  •       Bouncy Zone

  •       Sand Master Park

  •       Painter of Faces

  •       Kona Ice

  •       North Morro Church

  •       Zen Dogs

  •       Kids College

  •       Myjestix

  •       Divine Catering

  •       Tony Parsons

  •       Lon Beale

  •       PG&E

  •       Damsel in Defense

  •       Heavenly Hot Dogs

  •       Estero Bay Graphics

  •      Frank’s Roasted Corn

  •      Dash Couture

  •      Pop-Up Coffee Shop

  •      Friends of the Morro Bay Harbor

Thank You to Our Sponsors

This festival would not have been possible without the amazing support of our sponsors. 


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                                                  Pacific Street Cottages                                       

                                 Discover Morro Bay                        

Central Coast Funds for Children donates 500 kites for children to participate in the Kite Festival at no cost. 

For more information about Central Coast Funds for Children visit theirwebsite at: 

About the Flyers...

Anthony Eichele  
I hail from Stockton, CA, have been flying kites for over 20 years and doing demos for 10.  Co-founded a fun fly group in Ripon, Ca we now call The Valley Air Heads AKA Ripon Kite Flyers that meets at Mistlin Sports park monthly on the first sunday.  I can be found flying at San Ramon Art and Wind festival, Color the Skies/Soaring Over Ripon and recently Berkeley Kite Festival.

Burnett Lee
I am one of the giant Kite flying participants of this year’s Morro Bay kite Festival. Hopefully I will be flying my 88 ft purple Maxi Octopus kite, a 10 ft diameter color bubble bol kite. This will be my fourth year at the Morro Bay kite fest. I have been flying Kites professionally for over 26 years now.

Richard DeLisio
Richard has been flying kites since his childhood. He would by a 25 cents box kite and all the rolls of kite string that he could buy and fly it until you could not see it anymore. He taught his children how to fly kites at an early age. In early 2000 Richard started flying again this time with giant show kites that just inspired him to start traveling to the Kite festivals up and down the coast. He has been on the kite circuit so he has been invited to many events. He likes to please the public and talk about flying kites which he totally enjoys. For the past years he has been encouraging the veterans he meets as he is a veteran himself to get out and take the children kite flying as it’s fun and entertaining. He is very helpful on the field and always there to assist. 
George Halpin:
The passion of kite flying entered the life of George Halpin in 2006 when he was visiting Marina CA, and ran into David Sabilino flying a stunt kite on the beach, making it dance like nothing he had seen before. Since that time, George has become involved in pleasing spectators as well as himself. Each year George attends kite festivals from Southern California to Northern CA. Flying between Large single line and Quad line stunt kites at these events, George's favorite part of the event is also a favorite of the children who also attend. Carrying on the tradition started by his late friend, Jim Strealy, George is the leader of the Ozone Jim kite candy drop team where treats are hoisted up in the air by a kite, then magically released back to earth where "well behaved children" gather them for future use. George's favorite saying is "There’s no such thing as too many kites". After meeting him, you'll understand how sweet his life amongst kites truly is.
Mark Quirmbach:
Flying sport kites for 16 years and competing for 14.
Initially started with dual line kites and became hooked on quad line kites.  Flying just quad lines since then.
Competed at National Championships, taking a number of first places.
Flies as part of the four person team Four-by-Four.
Flies with Johanna Chen as a pairs group called Four By Four, by two
Recently moved from the San Francisco bay area to Oceanside.
Francisco Navaro:
I live in Redwood City CA, I’ve been Flying sport kites since 2002, AKA and BASKL member since 2002 where is been competing individually, in pairs (team Dos Furias) and team (Airzone), Member of Airzone Flight Team Since 2005. Participated in the world sport kite championships with Airzone in 2005, 2006 and 2008.  I fly all sorts of sports kites, dual line, multi line and single line including fighter kites, and have also build a few kites for myself. 
Glen Rotstein: 
A serious kite flier since 1989, Glen Rothstein’s involvement has been neck deep in the vast world of kiting. Having the honor of being the American Kitefliers Association’s Regional Director for over a decade, he has immersed himself in all aspects of his “passion”. With experiences ranging from working with the special needs community, curator of museum kite exhibits, multiple kite festival/event planning and master of ceremonies, to finding time when he can fly on his own, Glen connects those who are kite curious as well as the general public, with an insider’s view of why he, and many others, enjoy what they do. This year’s festival will be his 5th as EmCee. He states “Morro Bay has always had an important place in my heart since traveling the Central Coast many years ago. The kindness and warmth of the community rivals the quality of its food and I am thankful to be part of the festival family. I was asked to participate in 2014 and my efforts here are in memory of the festival’s original voice, David Woods.” If you find it hard to believe that he is, in fact, a serious kite flier, ask to see the back of his belt.

The Four-ce
Formed in 2015, The Four-ce is the premier Sport Kite Display Team on the West Coast.  Made up of two former World Champions and two National Champions, their pedigree is hard to beat and with their tight choreography, foot tapping music and selection of routines, they are always a crowd pleaser!
Their highest accolade was placing 8th at the World Sport Kite Championships in Berck, France in 2016. So, let’s introduce the team…
Mark & Jeanette Lummas
Based in Yorba Linda, California, Mark & Jeanette Lummas have been flying kites since 1994. Originally flying as 2/3 of a British team called Sky Dance, they won the British and European Championships and were crowned World Champions in both 1996 and 1997.  In fact, they were the first team to ever win a National, European and World Championship in the same year (1996).  In 1998 Mark & Jeanette went their own way and began flying as pair Bi Dance.  Again, success came their way in the form of wins at both the British and European Championships, whilst Mark went on to win the Individual British Championship in the same year. Mark & Jeanette moved to California in 2000.  Renowned for their catchy music and entertaining choreography, their focus now is mainly on demonstrations for the public.  Both as a pair and as part of the team they are invited to provide these musical demonstrations at events all over the World. In their spare time, they also enjoy spending time with their 2 children, Ben and Sammie, wakeboarding, water skiing, dirt biking and doing any kind of water sports. 

Cass & Carol Pittman
Originally from Seattle, Washington, Cass and Carol are now based in San Diego, California.  Competing for the last 3 years as N-Sync, they have excelled, picking up 4 US National Pairs titles and 6 Individual titles. Known for their innovative choreography and diverse upbeat music, their team name N-Sync perfectly describes their flying style.  They are regularly invited to showcase their kite ballets throughout North America, where they enjoy entertaining the public. Cass and Carol have been retired for the last few years, but are busier than ever, filling their time with kiting, daily work outs with their trainer, needle-point and so much more.  In what time they do have left, they are enjoying their grandchildren, or their 2 loving greyhounds. Flying their R-Sky Nirvana 3E dual line kites and occasionally Revolution 1.5 quad line kites, The Four-ce have a selection of routines that are hard to beat.  Whether as individuals, two separate pairs or as a team, the music is lively and the choreography is tight and easy to understand.

The Four-ce would like to thank R-Sky kites, Sky Shark Frames and Revolution Enterprises for their continued support.