Morro Bay Kite Festival Details



Soar into Morro Bay!

April 27-29, 2018| Morro Bay Beach
(northeast of Morro Rock), 200 Coleman Drive, Morro Bay, CA 93442
Friday, 3pm-7pm | Saturday, 10am-6pm | Sunday, 10am-4pm
Admission & Parking: FREE


Friday, April 27:  

3pm-6pm: Kite Fighting Display

6pm-7pm: Welcome Dinner and Flyer Party and Tognazzini's Dockside 2 

Saturday, April 28: 
Free kites to all kids 

10am-4pm: Vendors and Kite Demonstrations on the Beach
11am-2pm: Kite Surfing Demo (try it for free!)
1pm & 3pm: Candy Drop
1pm-4pm: Sand Surfing Demo (try it for free!)
1pm-4pm: Kite Demonstrations and STEM Displays (Morro Bay High School)
2pm-4pm: Kite Surfing Display (in the water)
4pm-6pm: Flying High Fish Fry at Giovanni's Fish Market

Sunday April 29: 

1pm-4pm: Kite Display at Coleman Park
10pm-4pm: Vendors and Kite Demonstrations on the Beach 
11am-2pm: Kite Surfing Demo (try it for free!)
1pm-4pm: Sand Surfing Demo (try it for free!)

About the Wind is Power competition:

This competition is for students that want to create and show how the wind can be harnessed for power.  This will be a practical challenge focusing on renewable energy. Pupils will design and build a simple wind powered machine that can show that will allow students to explore their interest in renewable energy. The STEM competition also gives students a chance to shine in the areas of engineering they find most enjoyable.

This generation of students we're dealing with now, they're very much in tune with environmental issues and ecological issues.” Said Teri Bayus, Event Coordinator for the Kite Festival, “It helps with problem-solving skills and what you can do in a real-life scenario."

Students are scored not only on whether their creation is able to create the most energy, but on their ability to explain their design.

Students will compete in 3 categories, primary 1-5 grade, secondary 6-9, and High 10-12. We will also have an adult category.   Accolades will be scholarships and prizes.


What we offer our community and visitors:

  • A FUN, FREE family event that is for all ages and lifestyles
  • A sense of pride for the community. We have been told by professional kite flyers that we have some of the best kite-flying wind in the world here in Morro Bay
  • A truly “GREEN" event that supports Morro Bay's vision as a community
  • An opportunity for our community to share their knowledge of kite-flying with those who have never built or flown before
  • An outstanding family tradition for the community and visitors alike
  • Five-hundred kites provided by “Central Coast Funds for Children” for the kids
  • A smile on every face and lifelong memories


Mission of Organization:

The Morro Bay Kite Festival is a annual community event focused on family and the art of kite flying. 

Our goal is to bring all individuals, families, and all generations together in a safe,  relaxing and fun environment, to learn and participate in the art of kite flying, Morro Bay style. Our breathtaking surroundings and windy location is perfect for this type of gathering on the central coast. 

Our hope when attending this high flying event, is that kids of all ages will not be distracted by technology for a moment and able to enjoy kite flying festivities, nature, the ocean. Perhaps, even Grandma and Grandpa can take a turn to fly a kite and enjoy some good old fashioned fun over the weekend...

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